Travel Trends Among Germans

The Covid-related travel restrictions have been lifted all over the world and we are almost as free to travel as in pre-pandemic times. Unsurprisingly, the desire to travel (not only) among Germans is stronger than ever. But which travel preferences and changes in travel patterns can be noted? 

A recent Tourlane survey reveals that compared to the previous years, Germans are looking to spend more money on local travel and authentic experiences. Most of them prefer to spend more time in nature (54%) and away from mass tourism (41%).

As much as 56 % of people plan to go on holidays within Europe in 2023 compared to only 29 % in 2020. The Top 5 EU destinations among Germans for the next year are Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Greece respectively. As 29 % of respondents are seeking authenticity, destinations like Botswana that are providing authentic travel experiences are becoming increasingly popular. 

Which regions do you feel are specifically relevant for authentic travel experiences embedded in beautiful nature?

Authentic travel experiences in Botswana

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