Glamping Market – Growth & Change

Glamping Cabin

Based on internal search and booking data as well as other external data, facts and studies, Canopy & Stars gives a very interesting outlook on the future of the glamping market and elaborates six data-based trends on (1) evolution of glamping, (2) changing customer behaviour, (3) popularity of different accommodation types, (4) wellness, health & nature experience, (5) customer value through additional “experiences”, and (6) ethics & sustainability as an opportunity for glamping companies.

Glamp Anywhere

Glamping sites are typically nestled in beautiful nature, oftentimes far away from it all. However, glamping can thrive basically anywhere – even at the least expected locations such as an airport. Passengers of Singapore’s Changi Airports could spend a night in one of the bell tents located in an indoor garden on the top floor. Usually, glamping in nature offers a wide range of activities like hiking, scenic road trips, outdoor sports, wine tasting, etc. But in an airport?

Glamping Boom in the Post-Pandemic World

The 2022 North American Glamping Report by Kampgrounds of America Inc noted a drastic boom in Glamping’s popularity. In 2021, nearly 17 million households went glamping, which represents a 155% increase vs. 2019. As much as 77% of glampers and 20 % of leisure travellers are planning to book a glamping experience in the next two years, which suggests that the growth pattern is going to continue.

Innovative Glamping Resort in Mexico

Not surprisingly, this glamping paradise was designed with sustainability in mind, employing sustainable elements such as solar panels, efficient water systems, locally sourced materials, produce, and ingredients, upcycled artwork, and more. 

2022 Travel Trends

2022 Travel Trends

Slow travel goes hand in hand with glamping. Whether you stay in a cosy wooden cabin in the middle of a forest or in a luxury tent by a gorgeous beach, it will surely help you unwind, tune into the present moment, connect with yourself and with nature, and perhaps explore seemingly “ less” but deeper. 

Successful Glamping in Madeira Launching a Franchise Concept

The glamping market continues growing internationally at double-digit rates. Likewise, the playing field is professionalizing, with larger players entering the market, and existing players expanding their footprint. In this context, the initiative from a very special glamping site on Madeira Island to launch a franchise concept is noteworthy.

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