Advisory Services

We can guide you through the phases of your glamping business setup or extension – covering everything from strategic positioning via operations design to all relevant commercial considerations.

Together we find out where you are, what you want to build (out) and how we can best support you.

1. Ideation

How should your glamping business look?


What is your ambition for glamping? What is your investment appetite? Which hardware options exist, which do you favour, and how do they fit with your existing land? Which customers do you want to address, through which sales channels? Whom can you partner with?

There are many questions to consider in the beginning.

We want to hear your ideas -- and contribute with our experience -- so that you can make an informed and confident decision about your glamping setup or development.
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2. Planning

Developing your idea into a clear concept.


The elements of your idea have been defined, now you need a workable plan.
We will sort out the details that turn your glamping aspirations into a reality. Glamping Advisors will help you design and position your glamping business, including costing and budgeting, site planning, partner selection, brand creation... and much more.
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3. Creation

Bringing your concept to life.


Where ideas become reality – we ensure that on-the-ground implementation is in line with your glamping concept.

Glamping Advisors will support you with permissions and grant applications, site and subcontract management, website and booking engine design and partner activation. If you wish, we will set up a qualified team and processes that ensure customer satisfaction.

Looking for a launch event? Great! We have the partners that assure you will hit market with a splash (and make it a memorable time for you as well!).
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4. Success

Together for the whole journey.


Grow with us!

Extended marketing, cross-purchase events and partnerships, and access to an array of industry professionals... Glamping Advisors will help grow your glamping business through experienced and industry-specific promotion.

If you want to ensure attractive margins, let us review your pricing strategy and yield management activities. Glamping is a profitable business -- we make sure yours will be too.
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Turnkey Solutions

Likewise, we can handle the entire setup for you, delivering a unique and profitable glamping site for you to manage. Or if you want to simply regard it as a high-yield investment, we can even manage it for you.

Ideation, Planning,
Creation & Success...

For big picture solutions.


Glamping Advisors offer Turnkey Solutions for when you want a professional glamping business built or managed by experts. End-to-end options ideally suited for land owners, hospitality operators, camp ground operators and anyone else looking for the ideal glamping business.
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