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Are you just setting up a new Glamping project and want to ensure a high occupancy rate from the very beginning, thus securing your profit and return on investment? Or perhaps you have already been running a glamping business for some time and would like to optimise your current occupancy rate and turnover?

We help you to develop a sales strategy that is suitable for your project and financially sustainable.

Important questions that we can help to answer are:

  • Who and where are my customers?
  • How should my potential customers find and book my glamping offer?
  • Through which channels do I want to market myself?
  • What role should OTAs, wholesalers, tour operators and my own website play?
  • What are the distribution costs per channel?
  • Can I optimise my distribution costs and thus my net realised average daily rates (ADR) by, for example, reducing distribution via the OTAs (Online Travel Agency) and increasing my direct distribution accordingly?
  • How can my pricing strategy support this shift from OTA to direct sales?
  • What role do the right IT systems play for me?

Many glamping operators still work with a high manual process effort because they shy away from the supposedly high IT costs for booking systems. However, there are attractive IT solutions on the market, with which you can automate and standardise your sales and front office processes.

Glamping Advisors helps you to develop a successful sales and pricing strategy and to find the right IT solution that helps you executing this strategy, streamlining your processes and reaching your targets.

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