Preliminary Evaluation & Initial Concept

Essential Data


Legal Situation


Financial Situation


Although glamping is a versatile concept that can be implemented in various contexts, a series of fundamental criteria that influence an operation’s future success exists. We thus suggest verifying the suitability of the future site, as well as the promoters’ initial ideas regarding the touristic concept, before initiating the glamping project itself.

Based on Glamping Advisors’ site visit and common reflection with the promoters, our PRELIMINARY EVALUATION analyses a total of 24 criteria, grouped into 6 fundamental areas:

  • Essential data
  • Localization
  • Plot
  • Climate
  • Legal situation
  • Financial situation

It creates visibility regarding the strong points and eventual weak points. It thus serves for calibrating future expenditures and energies, as well as for elementary support for the future concretization of the concept.

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