New Glamping Legislation in Cyprus

Hardly any country in the world has glamping covered by the legislation. However, Cyprus is a great example of a country that is pushing forward a legislative proposal on glamping despite any difficulties that may come with legalisation of this niche.

The new legislation will enable more luxury camps and tourist farm operators in Cyprus to set up environmentally-friendly glamping sites, which will enrich the country’s tourism product and strengthen the economy. It will also create an opportunity to add glamping as a complementary annex to existing businesses such as vegetable and cattle farmers that will be able to generate extra income even after the season ends. 

The updated proposal responded to raised environmental concerns and included amendments regarding the protection of the environment, the installation of plumbing and sewage systems, and photovoltaics. 

What is the current state of glamping legislation in your country? Are you unsure? Get in touch with us.

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