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Glamping Structures

Glamping is an agile sector, and knowing where to start as a potential operator or investor can be challenging. This guide to the most popular glamping structure types will help anyone get to grips with glamping business.

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Structure Types

We've broken down structures into 12 main categories for easy decision making. Take a look at size, materials and overview.

Investment needs

The minimum investment cost of each structure type. This is averaged from the lowest prices from suppliers in Europe.

Average Daily Rates

What kind of ADRs can each structure type achieve? How does this compare to the level of investment needed?

Global Interest

How has interest in each glamping structure type changed over the past 10 years? How does this fluctuate season to season?

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Author spotlight

Eden co-founded and ran a glamping site in the United Kingdom. Working from the ground up, he took a hands-on approach to the construction of the glamping units as well as the required infrastructure. In addition to the practical aspects, he was also responsible for building a sustainable business model in this burgeoning area of the tourism market. 

He continued to draw on his practical experience to work in communications for a range of tourism projects in both Europe and further afield. 

Now, as part of Glamping Advisors, he is leveraging his knowledge and skills of this growing sector to help glamping businesses with a focus on Operations and Communication.

Eden Flaherty

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I’ve been helped immensely just by reading the first chapter. I embrace the focus on living the Stoic philosophy and more.

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