Glamping in Portugal: A Business Perspective

Glamping is an attractive business opportunity and a burgeoning market in Portugal. This 2020 white paper breaks down why and how this trend has grown as well as what businesses can do to make the most of it. 

topics Covered

Glamping Megatrends

What global trends are driving the growth of glamping and how can these be capitalized on?

Portuguese Market

What makes Portugal ripe for glamping expansion and how does this fit in the tourism landscape?

Business Opportunites

What makes glamping attractive from a business perspective? A look at ADRs, Season Length, etc.

Operational Models

How do people run their glamping operations and why? A look at the different models out there.

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Glamping Advisors have used their extensive knowledge of tourism, the Portuguese market and, of course, glamping to bring:

Author spotlight

Lars has worked in tourism for two decades. He focusses on business development and strategic partnerships for Glamping Advisors and is the primary point of contact for our clients.

Lars Schäfer | Managing Partner

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