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Canopy & Stars – founded in 2010 and meanwhile one of the leading booking platforms for glamping in Europe and market leader in the UK – has recently published its Glamping Market Report 2023.

Based on internal search and booking data as well as other external data, facts and studies, Canopy & Stars gives a very interesting outlook on the future of the glamping market and elaborates six data-based trends on (1) evolution of glamping, (2) changing customer behaviour, (3) popularity of different accommodation types, (4) wellness, health & nature experience, (5) customer value through additional “experiences”, and (6) ethics & sustainability as an opportunity for glamping companies.


The glamping and outdoor hospitality market has grown exponentially in recent years and the outlook is also positive, with global annual growth (CAGR) expected to reach 10.9% by 2030.

Not least due to the pandemic, people are once again looking to experience nature to take care of their mental and physical well-being – this in turn further increases the demand for glamping and holidays in nature.

The demand for permanent, weather-independent, high-quality and design-oriented accommodation units such as cabins or tree houses (in contrast to the demand for tents) has increased significantly in recent years; as a result, glamping has stepped out of the “summer niche” and there is a clear seasonal extension of the business to attractive year-round occupancy.

This trend is further strengthened by the increasing offer of additional, partly season-extending “experiences” – be it wellness offers such as outdoor whirlpool or barrel sauna, surprising elements such as a personal outdoor cinema or also simplification of the offer as “digital detox” – less is more.

At the same time, the customer’s interest in sustainability, social responsibility and diversity in companies is increasing. This increased mindfulness is a great opportunity for the glamping business, because overnight accommodation in the midst of nature tends to deal more responsibly with its environment by nature and positioning and can therefore better meet customer expectations. Credibly implemented customer expectations in turn lead to both better customer satisfaction and higher turnover.


Glamping is a changing but at the same time stably growing market and an attractive business field, as it serves worldwide trends and changing customer wishes. The market is becoming increasingly professional in terms of product range, services, quality and also social responsibility.

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