Glamping Boom in the Post-Pandemic World

Tijana Kojić

Glamping was thrust into the spotlight during the pandemic. Outdoor experiential travel is fastly becoming a standard travel option and not anymore just an exotic niche. People frustrated by spending almost two years within four walls have been eager to find new ways of travelling and getting access to the outdoors like never before. Glamping can be a unique and comfortable way of connecting with nature for anyone as it bridges the gap between comfortable resort stays and nature-prone camping and does not require any special skills or gear. 

Glamping boom

The 2022 North American Glamping Report by Kampgrounds of America Inc noted a drastic boom in Glamping’s popularity. In 2021, nearly 17 million households went glamping, which represents a 155% increase vs. 2019. As much as 77% of glampers and 20 % of leisure travellers are planning to book a glamping experience in the next two years, which suggests that the growth pattern is going to continue. 

Glamping throughout generations

The report reveals that a typical glamper is a Millennial with children who has a household income of $100 000 or more and is willing to travel over 100 miles and stay for 3-5 nights. However, all generations show a level of awareness and interest in glamping. Interestingly, younger generations tend to go glamping mostly with friends and family, whereas Baby Boomers and the Silent/Mature generations prefer couple escapes. 

Millennial glampers

Popular accommodation types

When it comes to the accommodation type, cabins remain the preferred option (72%) followed by tiny houses (58 %) and treehouses (55%). As glamping is becoming more mainstream, other accommodation options such as covered wagons, canvas tents, or yurts noted an increase in interest compared to the previous year, too. 

Off-site attractions

An important factor when making decisions on the glamping destination is the availability of local attractions. Glampers spend almost twice as much in local communities than regular campers. Some of the top off-site activities include dining out, going on scenic drives, and exploring nature parks. 

Glamping is here to stay. ¾ of first-time glampers are planning on repeating the experience in near future.

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