Glamping After Coronavirus Pandemic

Since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, many tourism businesses have suffered, especially more traditional options, as travelers turned to new opportunities, such as glamping. Now, a research paper in Sage Journal has studied the potential effect of the Corona Pandemic on the glamping industry in North America.

This research surveyed 2,926 Americans and Canadians who consistently participated in leisure travel. The study found that respondents were planning more post-covid glamping trips (45.9%) than hotel/resort trips. It was also found that respondents who actively participated in the leisure trip plan to travel (21.4%) twice as many as the glamping trip they took in 2019 after COVID-19. Combined, these results show that glamping is a good potential market for active leisure travelers both during and after the pandemic. Moreover, even before COVID-19, glamping was already receiving a lot of attention from travelers who want eco-friendly travel.

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The study found the respondents preferred glamping over traditional hospitality accommodation for its innate socially distancing and close ties with outdoor activities due. Since the concerns of Covid are likely to continue in 2022, consumers are also likely to continue considering these factors when they decide on accommodation for their travel.

From an operator perspective, the research concludes that regardless of the type of units a site is running, they should always communicate their covid-risk mitigation and safe outdoor recreational activities in marketing materials.

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