Glamping Advisors at Eco Resort Network Event 2022

Glamping Advisors Managing Partner, Lars Schafer, was our delegate to the Eco Resort Network Event, 2022. The program was a well-conceived mixture of presentations, panels, and networking sessions; congrats and thanks to the organizers Stephanie Curtis-Raleigh and Maja Dimnik!

Thanks also to the sponsors, YALA | Adventure of a Lifetime and the Slovenian Tourist Board, the event was a long-awaited reunion of the people and organizations involved in glamping and ecotourism. 

Lake Bled, throned by the impressive castle, was the beautiful scene for this convention, during which a visit to the Garden Village Bled was part of the program. Thumbs up to GLAMPro for creating the amazing glamping operation, providing proximity to nature and privacy of its guests within a small plot. 

It was great finally meeting in person Todd Wynne-Parry, Noelle Homsy, Karl Plunkett, Tom Butterfield, Jon Brecelj, Jure Dolenc, Sarah Riley, Kristina Zanic, Andreja M., Zlatko Pankov, Ashok “Ash” Daryani, Michael Koukouras, and many many more. We are looking forward to keeping discussions going, latest at ERN 2023 in Montenegro!

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