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Glamping sites are typically nestled in beautiful nature, oftentimes far away from it all. However, glamping can thrive basically anywhere – even at the least expected locations such as an airport. Passengers of Singapore’s Changi Airport could spend a night in one of the bell tents located in an indoor garden on the top floor. Usually, glamping in nature offers a wide range of activities like hiking, scenic road trips, outdoor sports, wine tasting, etc. But in an airport? At Changi airport, glampers could admire the biggest indoor waterfall in the world, explore some digital attractions at Changi Experience Studio, climb some artificial trees in a netted play area 8 metres off the ground or simply take advantage of discounts and go shopping.

This unusual example shows Glamping’s versatility inter alia due to the broad range of existing glamping structures, allowing for a solution for any location and occasion. Do you want to use a bubble for a Christmas pop-up store in a shopping centre or even set up a unique urban stay in your garage? Do you need accommodation support for a garden party, a romantic picnic or your guests at a wedding? 

The possibilities of creating a unique glamping stay are endless – and very much depend on the specific location, purpose, and structure choice.

Seek inspiration from our Guide to Glamping Structures! 

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