Experiences Driving Travel Planning

Recent research from Arival and Phocuswright points to a growing trend among worldwide travellers to spend more money on experiences over things. A dramatic shift was noticed among younger travellers in the way they book experiences. Gen-Z as well as millennials tend to plan their activities at the same time or before they book accommodation and transportation while most travellers aged 55+ book experiences either at their destination or before departure but after arranging the rest. 

When it comes to glamping, the boundaries between accommodation and adventures are fading away because glamping is all about the experience…Glamping itself may feel like an adventure that invites you to step off the beaten path, explore, connect with nature in an authentic yet comfortable way, spend time with your loved ones, and much more. 

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Generation Z on a glamping escape

Link to the article: https://www.phocuswire.com/how-experiences-will-drive-trip-planning-in-three-charts

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