New Glamping Legislation in Cyprus

Hardly any country in the world has glamping covered by the legislation. However, Cyprus is a great example of a country that is pushing forward a legislative proposal on glamping despite any difficulties that may come with legalisation of this niche.

Innovative Glamping Resort in Mexico

Not surprisingly, this glamping paradise was designed with sustainability in mind, employing sustainable elements such as solar panels, efficient water systems, locally sourced materials, produce, and ingredients, upcycled artwork, and more. 

Successful Glamping in Madeira Launching a Franchise Concept

The glamping market continues growing internationally at double-digit rates. Likewise, the playing field is professionalizing, with larger players entering the market, and existing players expanding their footprint. In this context, the initiative from a very special glamping site on Madeira Island to launch a franchise concept is noteworthy.

Glamping Advisors at Eco Resort Network Event 2022

Glamping Advisors Managing Partner, Lars Schafer, was our delegate to the Eco Resort Network Event, 2022. The program was a well-conceived mixture of presentations, panels, and networking sessions; congrats and thanks to the organizers Stephanie Curtis-Raleigh and Maja Dimnik!

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