2022 Travel Trends

Not being allowed to travel during the pandemic has undoubtedly changed some of our travel desires and preferences. One of the travel trends that has risen in popularity this year is slow travel…”travelling less but taking more time out when you do”. 

Slow travel goes hand in hand with glamping. Whether you stay in a cosy wooden cabin in the middle of a forest or in a luxury tent by a gorgeous beach, it will surely help you unwind, tune into the present moment, connect with yourself and with nature, and perhaps explore seemingly “ less” but deeper. 

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Link to the article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/angelinavillaclarke/2022/01/27/travel-trends-report-2022–part-2/?sh=3fc8007b1390

Unwind in the forest
Afdan Rojabi, Unsplash
Slow travel

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